July Musician of the Month

July’s MOTM is CHIC. A dance band from the 70’s. CHIC stripped disco’s sound down to its basic elements; their funky, stylish grooves had an organic sense of interplay that was missing from many of their overproduced competitors. CHIC’s sound was anchored by the scratchy, James Brown-style rhythm guitar of Nile Rodgers and the indelible, widely imitated (sometimes outright stolen) bass lines of Bernard Edwards; as producers, they used keyboard and string embellishments economically, which kept the emphasis on rhythm

CHIC’s distinctive approach not only resulted in some of the finest dance singles of their time, but also helped create a template for urban funk, dance-pop, and even hip-hop in the post-disco era. They were influential in the world of music and not coincidentally, Rodgers and Edwards wound up as two of the most successful producers of the ’80s. “Good Times” was the band’s most imitated track: Queen’s number one hit “Another One Bites the Dust” was a clear rewrite, and the Sugarhill Gang lifted the instrumental backing track wholesale for the first commercial rap single, “Rapper’s Delight,” marking the first of many times that CHIC grooves would be recycled into hip-hop records. Also in 1979, Rodgers and Edwards took on their first major outside production assignment, producing and writing the Sister Sledge smashes “We Are Family” This success, in turn, landed them the chance to work with Diana Ross where they wrote and produced “Upside Down,” her first number one hit in years, as well as “I’m Coming Out.”

Playhouse practice

What an exciting morning it’s been! The LKS2 choir and Year 5 and 6 dancers have had a chance to rehearse their songs or dances. All their hard work is coming together. They have worked so well with all the people that play a part in making a performance in the playhouse happen. We are all very excited for tomorrow!


This afternoon, we travelled to the John Charles Centre for Sport to be a part of Big Samba. Unusually for Big Samba it was raining! We were in the bandstands, (400 strong!) learning and performing grooves all afternoon

Take a look at us performing our grooves

LKS2 choir performance

This morning our LKS2 choir performed for the very first time. What a treat it was for everyone in the singing assembly. They performed two of the songs which they have worked hard learning. They sung with great enthusiasm and projected their voices beautifully. What fantastic performances!

Year 6 Samba

Last term, Year 6 had been looking at the music of Samba – the music of carnival. They learnt the correct terminology for the instruments involved in Samba and learnt to play these together in a rhythm. They learnt how they all play different rhythms together and listen to the whistle for their cue to start and stop. It is amazing to watch!

Peter and the Wolf

This half term Year 3 are exploring Peter and the Wolf. So far we have explored an orchestra and all the different parts that make it up. We were able to sort different instruments into the right families. This video explains the different parts of an orchestra:

This afternoon we spent time learning more about the composer of Peter and the Wolf, Sergei Prokofiev and used the Chromebooks to research and find out more about the composer, his life and his study of music.

We also explored how in the piece of music each character is represented by a different instrument and we worked in groups to identify the story of the character.


Year 1 did some amazing acting and singing performances over Christmas. They had been practicing every day. been out of routine – however having our families in to watch has made it all worth while. Every child had a part to play and we are incredibly proud of them all (especially when the music cut out on Thursday and we sang It Was on a Starry Night acapella!!)

Christmas Carol Service

Year 6 had a lovely time to celebrating together in the church for the Christmas Concert. They have worked very hard learning and practicing all the songs to perform in front of the Year 5 pupils and parents. What fantastic voices they have! Well done and thank you to all involved – it really was a joyous occasion!