Year 4 Body Percussion

Mrs Turney’s class have been working on body percussion with Mr Mercer to perform and compose pieces of music. The process has allowed them to work on many different musical aspects such as being able to count in. Here is an example of the children playing along to Believer by Imagine Dragons.

Year 6 Ambient Music

Last half term, Year 6 have been learning about ambient music which is a type of music that uses held chords to create atmosphere. The children used Bandlab Education, which is a music making platform, to create their own compositions. The process allowed to work like real music producers by looping sections, recording and editing sounds and utilising different effects to create high level compositions. Here are some examples from across the year group.

Musician of the Month: Samuel Coleridge-Taylor

This month we are listening to the music of composer, conductor and political activist, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor. 

Born in Holborn in 1875 to an English mother and a father originally from Sierra Leone. He died in 1912 from pneumonia at the age of 37. 

His family were very musical and he was taught the violin by his father, at which he excelled. He went to study at the Royal College of Music in London and studied there for 15 years. He began composing at this time and learnt alongside Holst (The Planets) and Vaughan Williams (The Lark Ascending).  

He was inspired by his African heritage which inspired his music through his musical ideas and links to African poetry. 

He became so popular, despite prominent racism targeting the black community at the time, that he went  on three separate tours of America as a conductor and composer. In fact, his work across music and politics was so well received that in 1904, he was even invited by President Theodore Roosevelt to visit the White House!

Musician of the Month: Amadou & Mariam

Amadou & Mariam are a musical duo from Mali, composed of the Bamako-born couple Amadou Bagayoko (guitar and vocals) and Mariam Doumbia (vocals).

They have had an amazing career so far, including being nominated for a Grammy in 2008. Their music is an incredible fusion of cultures and they have established a wide appeal. Their music combines many different elements such as traditional Mali sounds with rock guitars, Syrian violins and Cuban  percussion. Perhaps even more incredible is the fact that they have both been blind from a young age!

Live Performance

On Friday morning, we were extremely lucky to have Mr and Mrs Amblin’s band come into school and perform to our class. We listened to a range of music from the period we have been studying and were able to watch some traditional dance from the era such as the charleston.

Musician of the Month: The Beatles

Much has been attributed to The Beatles and their enormous popularity over the years. It is thought that they stopped the dominance of American artists and brought a new wave of British music into the charts.

They also helped make the ‘album’ rather than the ‘single’ more popular. They set trends for musical styles, fashions and the constant changing of their style and music allowed other musicians to do the same. In 2009, it was noted that they had sold 600 million records worldwide and were the best-selling musicians of all time.

Musician of the Month

Year 6, looked at our musician of the month, Stevie Wonder. They learnt that Wonder is an incredibly gifted musician who despite his disability showed musical promise from a very early age. They also learnt that he has consistently campaigned and spoken out against racial inequality in many different countries across the globe. They used this learning to create video presentations on adobe spark that highlighted his achievements and his musical successes.

Samba Club

Over the last couple of weeks, it has been great to hear the booming sounds of samba coming from the hall. The children have been working really hard on keeping rhythm and playing as an ensemble. The club meets every Friday after school and is led by Mr Mercer. There are still some places available for children in Year 5 to join the group. In order to join parents or carers will need to sign their child up using parentpay.