Year 5/6 and Year 6 Composition Work


Year 5/6 and Year 6 have done some super work in music this half term. We started off the unit listening to Pictures at an Exhibition by Mussorsky and used this as a vocabulary source. How did the music convey the mood? What pictures did they imagine?

From this we scoured some books of famous art works and picked our own music stimuli. We thought up vocabulary (my favourites were a sombre looking lady, a tranqil sea and mournful when looking at a bunch of poppies).

From this we had the rhythm challenge. To compose and notate a rhythm to reflect our piece. Some chosen quite pounding regular rhythms. Others chose a very sparse texture.

The following week we looked at composing a melody using glockenspiels. The children used techniques such as rising and decending scales to show water movement and space to provide reflective silence.

Finally we put all our ideas together with different instruments and used a graphic score to record and follow our compositions.

Well done Y5/6 and Year 6. for all their hard work. Lets see them in action!



Searching for images


Agreeing on an image


Sharing our ideas with the group



Composing a melody


Creating a polyphonic texture with two melodies





Writing our rhythms



Writing and composing rhythms





Deciding on a melody



Putting it all together with a graphic score



Another graphic score in action


Zach discovering that you need a string for a triangle!

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